The Official Dogs Of ChatterSource Christmas List (ChatterSource)

The Official Dogs Of ChatterSource Christmas List (ChatterSource)

Dec 13th 2019

If you are anything like the ChatterSource team, you understand that dogs are not just pets, they're part of the family. If 

you get all of us in a room together, there's a 99% chance someone’s dog will be brought into the conversation.

Needless to say, the dogs of ChatterSource have Christmas lists filled with their favorite toys and bones.

If you haven’t pulled the trigger on a gift for your pup, this list of Christmas gifts for dogs will help you find the perfect present this HOWLiday season.

First off, we are very impressed with this family portrait and hope they all got treats after it was taken!

With a family full of big dogs, it’s important to get durable toys that can make it through some pretty rambunctious playtime.

A green caterpillar dog toy.

As with any family, all of these dogs have different personalities, favorite toys and requests for Christmas this year.

Fluff & Tuff Katie The Caterpillar and Fluff & Tuff Beach Ball, 7"

Eva and Kash, the Saint Bernard puppies (can you believe they're only 9 months old!), want a Fluff & Tuff Katie The Caterpillar and a Fluff & Tuff Beach Ball for Christmas.

Durability is a major factor when buying gifts for big dogs like Eva and Kash. That's why the founders of Fluff and Tuff set out to design toys that dogs and owners love by using design and construction techniques that not only "make the toys last longer, but they also make them much more fun for dogs to chew, chase or cuddle."

A plush beach ball dog toy.

No toy is indestructible (and Eva and Kash like to play tug of war), but we're confident that these toys will last longer than most.

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