June 8-22

Help give a toy to a dog in need

Our #IGiveAFluff social media campaign kicks off annually on June 8 - National Best Friends Day - and runs for two weeks until June 22. For every hashtagged post of a dog with a Fluff & Tuff toy, we donate toys to dogs in need. Want to help us give a new best friend to a dog in need? Here’s how:

STEP 1: Take a photo of your pup with their favorite Fluff & Tuff toy

STEP 2: Post your photo on social media using #igiveafluff

STEP 3: We donate - you celebrate!


Over 14,000 toys donated since 2015

Thanks to the enthusiastic support of our customers and retailer partners, the #IGiveAFluff campaign has resulted in over 14,000 toy donations to dogs in need since 2015.


What is #IGiveAFluff??

#IGiveAFluff (IGAF) is our annual social media campaign that helps us give back to dogs with some extra fun. For every post with the hashtag #IGiveAFluff, we donate toys to dogs in need, because every dog deserves a Fluffin’ Best Friend.

When is #IGiveAFluff?

June 8 (National Best Friends’ Day) through June 22.

How do I participate in #IGiveAFluff?

We really try to make IGAF simple and enjoyable:

1. Snap a pic: Capture your furry friend enjoying their fav Fluff

2. Spread the love: Post it on social media with #IGiveAFluff.

3. We donate, you celebrate! With every post, we'll donate to bring joy to a dog in a shelter or rescue.


How is #IGiveAFluff different this year? 

This year, #IGiveAFluff runs for 2 weeks. Here's the exciting part: For every #IGiveAFluff post, we'll donate a toy, AND we'll MATCH the total number donated at the end, doubling the fluff for pups in need!


Who gets the toys?

Dogs at shelters and rescues throughout the US will be the recipients of new Fluffs. All of our shelter recipients are recommended to us by retailers and followers.


How do I recommend an #IGiveAFluff recipient? 

Click here to submit a shelter or rescue.


How many posts can I tag?

As many as you'd like! Each hashtag = 2 toys!


What if my social media accounts are private? 

You can always email us at hello@fluffandtuff.com or send us a DM on social media. 


Any other questions? Reach out to us at hello@fluffandtuff.com.