Fluff & Tuff Donates Over 1,200 Toys (Pet Age)

Fluff & Tuff Donates Over 1,200 Toys (Pet Age)

Jul 17th 2019

By:Pet Age Staff

Press release: Fluff & Tuff

Fluff & Tuff, known for their high-quality plush dog toys, and commitment to giving dogs their new best friends completed their annual #igiveafluff social media campaign which resulted in a company record of 1,242 dog toy donations.

This year’s social media charitable campaign ran from June 8-30. For every post with the hashtag #igiveafluff, a toy was donated to dogs in need across the U.S. The nearly 20 shelters and rescues who received the donated toys were also submitted via social media.

To promote the #igiveafluff campaign, Fluff & Tuff worked with retail partners, providing promotional and educational materials, and engaged its own network of customers and followers to get the word out.

“Our #igiveafluff campaign is one of our favorite events of the year because of the joy it brings the dogs waiting for their forever homes,” said Fluff & Tuff owner/president Ellen Lawson. “Thanks to the enthusiastic support of our customers and retailers, we are thrilled to provide more than 1,200 dogs in need with a new best friend.”

This is the fifth year Fluff & Tuff has run the #igiveafluff campaign with awareness growing each year. 2019 saw the highest amount of engagement and donations since the #igiveafluff campaign was created.

Charitable giving is one of Fluff & Tuff’s top priorities. The company regularly runs charitable campaigns and contests including #igiveafluff and creating an annual holiday charity toy—in which 100 percent of proceeds go to dog shelters and rescues.

Source: Pet Age