Picking the best new bestie

Just like people, dogs are unique and have preferences when it comes to playtime. Remember, our toys are durable, but NOT indestructible. We want all dogs to be happy with their toys and it's okay if Fluff & Tuff is not the best choice for your dog. Below are some things to think about when picking out the best toy for your pup. We realize that there are always exceptions to the "rule" - a big dog may love carrying around an extra small Shelly Turtle or a dog that loves to play fetch with Lobo Wolf. This is more of a starting point to figure out what toy your dog likes to play with and - hopefully - avoid a fluff-pocalypse all over your family room. 


How big is your dog? 
Most dogs like a toy they can carry in their mouths. Look for toys that your dog can easily carry based on their size. Big Daddy Gator will be too big for a toy-sized dog; likewise, Lady Bug may not be appealing to larger breeds. 


How old is your dog? 
Tiny puppies love to chew, and balls may be a good choice for them. Older dogs may have a little less energy, and be more inclined to snuggle. 


What are your dog's preferences?
From favorite animals to favorite colors to squeakerless options, anything can influence your preferred toys for your dog. While YOU may love flamingos, your dog may love to tug and rip Lola Flamingos' legs right off! You know your dog best and use your past experience to determine what will be a good fit. 


How does your dog like to play? 
We like to call this a dog's play style. Think about how your dog plays and pick a toy that corresponds to their preferred play style. Remember, many toys suit many play styles. Here are our top play style categories:



Pick toys with long legs and tails. A toy that is not as firm may also be satisfying. A dog who loves to shake enjoys feeling the toy being easily swung around while in their mouth.  

Shake it off



Think about toys that is easy for you - or other humans - to throw and for dogs to pick up and run with. Balls are the classic solution, but many other round or long, firm toys may also fit the bill for your furry friend.  

Go Fetch



Look for toys with rounder, firm bodies like a pillow. With snugglers, the size of the toy may not matter as much to a dog. All of our toys feature premium plush that is perfect for a cozy snuggle. 

Snuggle Buds



For dogs who love to tug, especially with a human or another dog, look for toys with long, firm bodies. You'll want to pick a toy that will withstand a good game of tug-o-war - so something that is really durable enough for your pup.




Dogs who love to chew may enjoy our balls or rounder toys without any limbs or appendages. Aggressive chewers may not be a good match with a plush toy - and that's okay!  

Chew-s Wisely


Squeaker Attacker

Some dogs LOVE to squeak and chew their toys until they get that pesky noise maker out of there. That's why we have a collection of squeakerless toys to help satisfy those dogs who don't like those squeakers. Quiet time just got more fun.





We don't claim to be indestructible - NO plush toy can be. 

Our goal is simply to combine superior quality materials with proven construction specifications to create the most durable plush toy on the market today. That being said, we do NOT guarantee our toys. We DO want to educate and bring awareness on purchasing the best toy that fits a dog's personality. Our toys are premium, unique, and safe. We hope you and your dog love them. 

If you're not happy with your Fluff & Tuff toy - please reach out to us and we'll get to the bottom of the issue - whether it's a play style issue or something else. 



Need more guidance? Get in touch.

Your local independent pet store has team members that can help walk you through the best toy for your dog - even if that's not a Fluff & Tuff toy. 

You can also contact us and we're happy to help you find the perfect Fluff & Tuff toy for your pup.